What is Gout? Get to Know

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This is an article about what is Gout, its symptoms, causes and methods to treat it effectively.  Gout is a condition where a person suffers from recurrent, repeated acute inflammatory arthritis attacks. It is characterized by a hot, red, swollen and tender joint. The joint that is most commonly affected by this condition is the metatarsal phalangeal joint that is located at the base of the big to covering nearly fifty per cent of the reported cases of gout. Even though it is a very common medical condition still there is very little knowledge among people about what is gout.

If you don’t know what is Gout? Gout, which also known as podagra in case it involves the big toe, sometimes also occurs in the form of kidney stones, urate nephropathy or tophi. It is usually caused by high levels of uric acid in blood that become crystallized and deposited in any joints, tendons as well as the surrounding tissues. Gout is diagnosed clinically by the help of visualization of crystals in the joint fluid. It is treated usually by NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) as well as steroids and colchicine. In order to effectively treat it, one must know what is gout basically. These drugs and medicine on lessen the inflammation and pain in the joints, but the actual uric acid levels have to be lowered by adopting many lifestyle changes and other such ways. There has been a considerable amount of increase in the cases of Gout within past few decades. It affects around 1 to 2 per cent of people in western countries at one point in their lives. This increase is considered to be because of the unhealthy lifestyles, bad eating and working habits which tend to increase the risk factors among people. There is a severe need to make people aware what is gout and what are its leading causes. By making them aware of what is gout, its chances can be greatly reduced.

In historic times, when people didn’t know much what is gout, they used to call it ‘The disease of kings’ and the ‘rich man’s disease’ due to the fact that it was associated with eating unhealthily and not doing enough physical effort. With modern science and medical research, people came to know what is gout and what exact reasons and causes are responsible for the spreading of this disease. It must be noted that gout is a rather serious condition and proper medical attention must be given.